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Logicor Ltd. Logicor Ltd.
Logicor Ltd.
Logicor Ltd. Logicor Ltd.
Logicor Ltd.
About Logicor

Research & Development...

Logicor specialises in the supply or creation of patents across a wide range of industry sectors. Logicor is an established R&D company whose solutions to problems often result in the creation of companies with independent funding and workforces to take those ideas into the market place.

"Wouldn't it be nice if..."

Success, for us, is based on a simple and effective strategy: listening to what people say their problems are and provide what they need without making assumptions.
Often people we talk to only give us a simple part sentence that usually starts with "wouldn't it be nice if..." That sentence has preceded some of our most successful ventures to date. However the Logicor team are continuously looking at new products or projects to work on. The company has a team of professionals who oversee all aspects of the company's business activities ranging from solicitors, accountants and of course our investment team.

Skills & Investment...

Control of the business rests with its six directors, all of whom have skills that contribute to the success of the business but behind that team of directors are an investment team and the company's shareholders who between them decide which projects to bring to market and at what time. In the past two years Logicor's investment has been substantial and two new products have been brought to market. You can read more about our projects on the pages opposite.

Logicor Ltd.
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