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Logicor's Clear Heaters

Clear Heaters - The 2000 watt complete heating system

Our Clear Heaters are a genuine modern alternative to a conventional central heating system. Super efficient and easy to install, Clear Heaters require no complex plumbing or wiring. You just fit them to the wall, plug it into an electric wall socket and let the intelligent control panel do the hard work for you.

Save energy

Clear Heater Control Panel Energy Saving Trust Receommended

The Clear Heater System Control Panel is recommended by the Energy Saving Trust as a product of high standard that can save you energy.

Clear Heaters save energy A typical complete heating system runs on less than 2000 watts for the full house. That's about the same as just one standard oil filled heater!

Elegant, clean & hygienic

Clear Heaters: Elegant, clean & hygienic No more hard to reach dusty corners! Our Clear Heaters look like a sheet of coloured glass, never need painting and can be wiped hygienically clean with a cloth. Select a colour to match your decor.

Simple to install

Video: How to install a Clear Heater No complex plumbing or wiring is required; you just fix it to a wall and plug it into a wall socket. With basic DIY know-how you can install a complete system in a home in less than an hour.

Watch the video guide showing how to install a Clear Heater unit, including what tools are required.

Control at your fingertips

Clear Heater Control Panel Efficiency regulation management and detailed diagnostic reporting give ultimate control via an intelligent touch-screen control panel and Blue-Tooth technology.

Home heating comfort can be optimised on a zone by zone basis and monthly heating budgets are easy to pre-programme.

Available to buy now

Our Clear Heaters are now on sale via selected Green Deal suppliers.

For more information contact the Logicor Team, watch our Clear Heater Video Guides below, or visit the dedicated Clear Heater System website.

Clear Heater Website

Visit the new Clear Heater Website


Clear Heater Central Heating System (Video Guides):

Clear Heater impact tests:

Clear Heater impact tests

A short video showing how we tested our Clear Heater units with impacts from various objects.


Clear Heater Communication Test:

Clear Heater Communication TestA video guide showing how our Clear Heater units communicate with each other in different rooms.


Clear Heater Car Drive Over Test:

Clear Heater Car Drive Over Test

A short video guide demonstrating the strength of a Clear Heater unit by driving a car over it.


Clear Heaters Around The Office:

Clear Heaters Around The Office

Clear Heaters Around The Office


A Clear Heater System in use:

A Clear Heater System in use

A video guide showing our Clear Heaters in use around the Logicor office and how to use the control panel screen.


Clear Heater Carpet Safety Test:

Clear Heater Carpet Safety Test

The Clear Heater carpet safety test showing that no damage is caused if a unit is accidentally removed from the wall and left lying on a carpet and switched on.


Clear Heater Wet Test:

Clear Heater Wet Test

Clear Heater wet test placing wet towels on the unit and throwing a bucket of water over the unit while switched on.


How to install a Clear Heater:

How to install a Clear Heater

A video guiding showing how to install a Clear Heater unit, including what tools are required.


Jumping On Clear Heater:

Jumping On Clear Heater

Clear Heater impact test showing an adult jumping on a heater unit.


Clear Heater Paint Test:

Clear Heater Paint Test

Clear Heater paint test showing which paint applications can be applied to a heater unit.


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