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Logicor 's Green Plug Cone

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Energy saver, style & convenience in one...

Logicor's Cone complements the Green Plug energy saver range and is designed to save you electricity in the home and office where your mains switch or plugs are hard to reach. The Cone sits neatly on your desk and connects just like a standard extension cable between the mains switch on the wall and the plug from your electrical appliances.

The benefits include:

  • Electrical appliances automatically switched off completely after a user-set duration.

  • Adjustable timer delay settings of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 hours.

  • Carbon emissions from standby energy drain are reduced.

  • Money saved from unnecessary standby energy drain.

  • Safety switch-off control and British Safety Standards approval.

  • Convenience - just push and go.

  • Stylish - available in a range of colours.

Energy saving

Each Cone has a user adjustable air-driven timer function that switches off the power supply completely and automatically after a user-set duration. Because it is air-driven you can be sure that the Cone and any connected appliances consume zero electricity when switched off. Standby energy drain is now a thing of the past and your carbon emissions are reduced!

Push and go

You can choose to set the Cone to switch off at 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 hours. The glowing visible display tells you when the power is on and emits an audible warning during the last 10 minutes before powering off.

Safety first

The Cone carries British Safety Standards approval and is very simple safe to use.

At home, in the home or office

The Cone is available in either gloss white and silver or gloss black and silver and is ready to go out of the box. The Cone is an ideal addition to any home or office where you have limited access to the off-switch for your electrical appliances.

The Cone sits neatly alongside any TV, DVD Player, and home entertainment system where the 'spaghetti-cabling' normally makes switching off everything completely both impractical and confusing.

The arrangement of power hungry appliances in the office usually sits on standby all night because crawling under the table to find the off switch is impractical. The Cone sits nicely on the desk and does the job for you; just press it on in the morning and the Cone switches off at night.

Cone Compatibility

Whilst the Cone will work with almost all appliances, please note that there are some appliances that are not designed to be shut off in an abrupt manner or not at all.

These include projectors, PC towers, bedside clocks, fridges, freezers etc. Please read the instructions supplied by the manufacturer when deciding to use a Cone with that appliance.

If you require any advice or guidance please fell free to contact your retailer or e-mail us direct on and we will be happy to assist.

Available in 2012

The Cone will be launched in 2012 and is protected by worldwide Patents Pending and will carry British Safety Standards approval.

The full Green Plug energy saver range includes:

  • Green Plug - the original Green Plug energy saver.

  • Adaptor - a useful variation of the Green Plug idea.

  • Wall Socket - a convenient 'build-in' option.

  • Cone - a stylish addition to the Green Plug range.

Green Plug websiteVisit the Green Plug website for additional information and to purchase Green Plug energy saving products:


Imperial College Report - Energy wastage due to leaving electrical appliances switched on when not in use Read the report prepared for Logicor
by Prof M.J. Crowder of Imperial College London;

"Energy wastage due to leaving electrical appliances switched on when not in use"


Statistical Report on the Logicor Green-Plug Trial Read the follow-up report prepared for Logicor
by Prof M.J. Crowder of Imperial College London;

"Statistical Report on the Logicor Green-Plug Trial"


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