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Hydro Brush™
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Hydro Brush
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Logicor's Hydro Brush TM

Hydro Brush™ was launched in the UK in 2007 and has proved to be a great Logicor success. Hydro Brush™ is aimed to be a mass market product with universal appeal on the international market without the need for alteration.

Revolutionise the way you clean your bathroom...

Hydro Brush™ is a water powered toilet brush that never comes into contact with what it is cleaning, therefore it's always clean to touch and use and banishes the archaic 'toilet-brush' to the bin.

Hydro Brush™ can be used in combination with Hydro-Stick™ to replace all your conventional loo hygiene products with one handy replacement cartridge.

Saves you up to 6000 litres of water per year....

Hydro Brush™ has been independent tested to check our statement that its use, instead of the standard toilet brush, will provide significant savings on water use. The result was that Hydro Brush™ will produce the same cleaning results as a standard toilet brush in 10-15 seconds and require only 0.75 to 1.00 litre of water resulting in a saving of between 3 - 12 litres (0.7 - 2.6 gallons) of water per use.

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