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West Yorkshire is fast becoming a region that can be viewed as a hotspot for high-technology and research and development enterprises. Logicor is a business that spans both of these disciplines.

The research conducted by Logicor's staff spawns new enterprises, develops breakthrough technologies, and pushes science to new levels. Logicor itself holds several worldwide patents and is currently working on a bank of 32 more ideas covering areas as diverse as bathroom accessories, optical research, photo-electronics, astronomy, hydrology and water resources, information systems, and sustainable systems.

Saving energy and resources are at the core of our thinking. Take a look at some of the featured items we are producing in order to help deal with climate change by way of energy reduction.

Find out your Carbon Footprint
To calculate your own carbon footprint and find ways of reducing it visit the Act On CO2 website or why not invest in any of our energy saving products.


If you have a question about any of our products, then please
contact the Logicor Product Development Team.

Logicor Ltd.
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